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The Every Lawyer is a Canadian Bar Association podcast channel bringing expert advice and insights in order to help you learn what you need to know to build your practice, no matter your year of call. Wellness, practice tips, legal trends – you can hear it on The Every Lawyer.

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    The Travelling Lawyer: From Packing up to Settling in

    Today we are packing up, taking off and settling in! This is the first episode of a four part series where we explore the Young Lawyers International Program, funded by Global Affairs Canada.

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    Conversations with Racialized Lawyers

    In this episode, Ray meets Charlene Theodore, 2nd Vice-President of the Ontario Bar Association, who is the first black woman to occupy this position. He also meets with David A Curry, Crown Attorney in Digby, Nova Scotia, to discuss his experience as a black and Mi’kmaq lawyer.

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    Conversations with LGBTQ2S+ Lawyers

    In this episode, Ray will be talking with two LGBTQ2S+ lawyers about their experience within the Canadian legal system, Preston Parsons and Nicole Nussbaum.

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    Year in Review: 2018

    2018 was quite the year and in this episode, we revisit some of the top advice, tips and tricks from our past season.

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    Conversations with Indigenous Lawyers

    Merle Alexander and Naiomi Metallic, Indigenous Canadian lawyers, share with Ray, their experiences as part of the legal system.

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    How to become a Legal Influencer

    Legal advice via Instagram? Client outreach through Snapchat? Legal influencer Jamie Benizri shares his tips on legal marketing online.

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    Meet your President

    Meet Ray Adlington, the CBA president. In this podcast, we discuss his vision for the Association, his history battling depression and why he's become a champion of inclusivity and diversity in the profession.

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